Leverage Live Seminars

I just finished two days at a seminar – and once again I was blown away with the outcomes.

Now I’d like to say it was because of the speakers (I was one of them!). But it wasn’t just the speakers.

I’d like to say it was because of the other attendees – there were some really sharp people there with great ideas and a generosity of spirit. But it wasn’t just the attendees.

So what caused the impact of this conference? It was ME.

Me – being “present” at the conference, listening to the speakers, networking at breaks and meals, taking notes, writing ideas in the margin, asking questions.

It wasn’t me making phone calls at every break, running back to my room to respond to email, having room service instead of joining others for dinner. being too busy to be there.

It was ME – away from the office, having systems in place that I trust to work, even if I’m not there myself.

It wasn’t me worrying that things weren’t being done my way, on my time schedule.

It was ME – out of my day-to-day environment and being open to new ways of thinking, fully participating.

It wasn’t me feeling like I’d really like to be somewhere else, that I already knew what I was doing and would keep doing it my way.

While I love teleseminars and webinars, you just can’t do the same thing with those that you can with a face-to-face seminar. You can’t hug old friends – and new ones! You can’t look someone in the eye and see their sincerity.

You can’t pull one of the speakers aside to ask how their process applies to your business when you’re on a webinar. You can’t ask to get a picture with them on a teleseminar.

Nothing takes the place of a live, face-to-face event – IF (and this is a big if) you take advantage of the benefits of being at a live event. I did – and I’m so glad I did!

Join me at the next live event I’ll be attending in November in Las Vegas –

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