Starting a business or even the dream of owning a home can be challenging. Many people have been unable to achieve this and much more due to the lack of inadequate funds. This is because they do not have a clear picture of where to source funding or do notContinue Reading

Why use viral advertising strategies in your business marketing efforts. Using shock therapy to implement an online advertising campaign for your business. Using viral advertising in your social media marketing and Facebook Fanpages will excel your results much faster. Don’t shove your advertising message down their throats, let it goContinue Reading

There are two ways a person can defend creditors when they can no longer pay debts to banks: entry into insolvency and personal bankruptcy declaration. Insolvency proceedings would be similar to that currently applied in companies: a person enters into insolvency and cannot be enforced over the process. Borrowers mayContinue Reading

The current world of cyberspace has been making a lot of development for different businesses and industries. With that in mind, you can think of the Internet as a growing business investment. Due to the inclusion of entrepreneurial skills in many of the sites available online, budding businesses have beenContinue Reading